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The story of the auctioneer and his business...

I attended for the first time in my life, a sale by auction, there are now more than 40 years. I was 4 years old and I remember it like it was yesterday. My parents and grandparents was bringing me every Saturday, if I've been good during the week. I remember there were a lot of people, there were people at the front of the room that showed things and a man who spoke very quickly. But what I remember most of all is that it also sold food and my parents bought me a pack of mixed cookies and a soda Crush! It was worth it to be nice for a week.

I continued to follow this type of sale with my parents without ever suspecting that one day I should act with passion, this wonderful art.

In 1989,
at the age of 21, after losing my job, I decided to start my own auction business.

With my parents, we rent a room of 1200 square feet in Rougemont. I should sell for 2 and a half years but success is coming fast and this local is no longer suitable to our needs.

In 1992, we acquired a commercial property of 4000 square feet in St. Cesaire. We continue the auctions and open a store in used appliances and furniture. In 1997, change of use to trade in used furniture that gives way to an antique shop, the beginning of a new passion.

In 1998, we added a sale by auction every month: It is our antiques and selected goods auction. Electricity sales with a huge success and  provide us a customer goodwill, buyers and sellers, that we could never hope even in our wildest dreams.

In December 2000, we sell this property to the City of Saint Césaire, who wishes to build the municipal garage, and unfortunately we put our business on standby.

April 2002, I purchased with my wife, a property in 25 East Main, St-Paul-d'Abbotsford, Que. This property is now the headquarters of the company 9190 1355 Quebec Inc. Dany Forand auctioneer . We build our house and live there since that time. It also includes 2 accessory buildings with an area of over 5000 square feet in which we build: A showroom for our consignment auctions , a woodworking shop to restore antiques to be sold in our auctions or to meet the needs of our customers. A conference room is available to provide training and to various courses and finally a commercial kitchen to accommodate our customers when we do our auctions and where we prepared buffets and fancy cakes of Gabrielle, my daughter's company, Sweet Decor.

Whether you want to sell antiques, jewelry, art, household home or commercial or industrial assets, be sure to get the fair market price. Our company has a list of thousands of customers and collectors from Quebec, some customers across Canada and the United States.

If you are looking for a particular piece, please call our services with confidence. Our many consignees and specialized employees are a guarantee of success find what you are looking for and always at a fair market price.

Since 1989, be over 25 years I led thousands of consignment auctions, in which over a million items of all kinds have been sold: Personal property and other accessories, electronics, appliances, tools, garden items and sports, antiques, various collections and a variety of household items normally a component of the house. Beyond 25,000 vehicles such as automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, trailers, heavy trucks, trailers, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment and machinery ... Restaurant and bars equipment, garage equipment and industrial surplus, works of art and other goods to charities or non-profit. All these sales have reported more than 30 million $$ sales for our clients.

In Encansforand is what we call, with pride, having experience!

I work with several auctioneers specializing in the sale of antiques and collectibles.

From 2002 to 2008, I work as auctioneer during the Revenu Québec auctions that were previously known as the Public Trustee of Quebec auctions.

In July 2008, following a submission filed in March, I become under contract for a period of three years to organize and conduct the Revenu Québec auctions.

During my career, I have conducted several hundreds of home sales to liquidate various estates. A brief overview of the assets sold at these auctions: Contents of households modern house, antiques, artwork, vehicles, farm animals and pets, tillage equipment, specialized tools and several collections including: Carnival Glass, records, musical instruments, sporting goods ...

I also managed several sales of industrial and commercial equipment surplus.

I also have extensive experience in the inventory, logistics and transport. Indeed, we have imported and exported goods, antiques, furniture, decorative accessories and marble carving, cast iron lawn ornaments from China, Indonesia and the United States.

All our sales are under video surveillance for your safety. Our billing is done under computer in a way which increases security, data integrity, reducing errors and processing times.

We also offer our customers the opportunity to pay for their purchases in cash, Interac, Visa or Mastercard.

We are one of the few companies to offer a system of merchandise presentation via video projection and work with partners to allow you early 2015 to bid on sale items at our auctions from the comfort of your home and safely.

Socially involved, I ran repeatedly auctions for various organizations in fundraising.

Degree in communication and leadership of the Dale Carnegie Institute in December 2007. French origin, I am able to conduct sales and meet our English-speaking customers.

Throughout my career I am personally responsible for advertising, sales organization, recruitment of competent staff and administration of the company. Today, with my wife and our qualified team, I can assure you that we have the expertise and experience necessary to liquidate your assets successfully and to your satisfaction. In this regard, many of our customers do not hesitate to recommend us.

Our customers appreciate the way we lead our sales with integrity, a high level of compliance with laws and regulations, respect for our clients, a lot of humor while offering a personalized service.

When you'll need to dispose of a particular item or a full eastate, do not hesitate to contact us in peace.

Pleasure to serve you

Historique de l'encanteur et son entreprise...