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Consignment auctions


Are you passionate about auctions?

Would you like to discover auctions?

Looking for lots of treasures at good prices?

Do you want to sell merchandise and get fair market value?

At Encansforand, you've come to the right place!

You will find in this section all informations applicable to suppliers and purchasers at our auctions. If you would like more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General information to suppliers and buyers:

Every month (see auction's date on the main page of our website), ± 400 lots or items from estates and private interests. These auctions take place in our auction room at 25 Principale Est, Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford. Qc J0E 1A0. These sales are for all, individuals and merchants.

In our business, there is no favoritism. There are no waiting lists or delays to sell your merchandise. You bring your merchandise to sell, weekly, ON APPOINTMENT. Note that it is possible to receive your merchandise at another time by appointment.

We select rigorously the merchandise that is sent to us. Dirty goods, damaged or in poor condition will be refused. The auctioneer also reserves the right to refuse the merchandise which he knows unsuspected by his clientele.

The order of priority of the goods sold at our auction is determined as follows:

1-The best quality goods will be sold at the best time of the auction

2-The regularity of the suppliers who send us goods

3-Property specifically requested by our customers.

4-The order of arrival of the goods until the end of the sale.

This order of priority is not inflexible and the auctioneer reserves the right to determine the order of passage of the goods and lots to be sold.

Wishing to be consistent with our desire to have the best quality of merchandise available at our auctions, our commission rates to sell your merchandise to our auctions are as follows:

With us, you have a complete service. You bring us your merchandise and we take care of the rest:

- We make the batch and layout for sale.

- We advertised your merchandise on our website, our corporate Facebook page (, on several Facebook sales groups and on various classified ad sites.

- Our staff is responsible for presenting your merchandise to our customers during our auctions

* Important Note: These commissions are only applicable to our auction. The commissions for special auctions and home auctions are different. Subject to change without notice

** Buy back recovery costs are unfortunately necessary to ensure a fair management of our operations. It is impossible for us to RECEIVE, UNPACK, SORT, LAYOUT, LABEL, PICTURE, PUBLICIZE and PRESENT the merchandise of a supplier and collect NO FEES if the supplier redeems his goods on the pretext that the price does not suit him. We make every effort to sell your merchandise and do not wish to reduce our offer of service to you. Thank you for your understanding.

Some people may believe that these measures distort the quality merchandise but it is quite the opposite. The good quality merchandise, valued by customers and in good condition never has difficulty in selling at the fair market price. It is quite different for melamine furniture, dirty or defective merchandise, the remainder of garage sales ... We apply measures to precisely ensure we have the best available merchandise on the market. Our objective is to offer to our clientele, sought after goods, good quality and in good condition. Although all our merchandise is sold: As is, as seen without any guarantee, it is the responsibility of our suppliers to ensure that their goods are functional and in good condition. In the event of a complaint, which the auctioneer finds to be justified, on the part of a buyer, our responsibility is limited to putting the seller and the buyer in contact. They may take reasonable steps to reach an agreement.

Whether it's antiques, artwork, jewelery, modern furnishings, everyday household items, tools, vehicles or any other good, take a few minutes to communicate with us. We will show you the procedure and the best auction to integrate your goods according to the category of the latter.

Buyers who wish to participate in our regular Friday auctions are invited to come and inspect the merchandise on Fridays at 5:00 pm, and note that we have a canteen on site to accommodate you. If you cannot be present during the sale, we accept missing and phone bets.

All the merchandise we sell at our auctions is sold as viewed, without any warranty. We will be pleased to provide you with all the information in our possession concerning the items for which you will be interested.

Except for multiple lots (lot containing several identical repeating items) the minimum bet at our regular Friday auctions is $ 5.00

All sales are subject to a 15% buyer fee with a minimum of $ 2.00 / lot purchased. Applicable taxes (GST and QST) are extra.

The buyer must pay his invoice in full before leaving our premises. We accept payments in cash, Interac, Visa or Mastercard.

A buyer who buys too much merchandise or too bulky merchandise and who cannot bring it in full on the day of the sale, the buyer must pay in full his invoice and will be able to leave his goods at our premises to be recovered on next Monday between 09:00 and 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00 or by appointment.

Check our website regularly to be informed of all our auctions or better yet, send us an email and ask to be added to our mailing list. You will then receive an email notifying you of all our special auctions, including auctions at our auction house and sales that we make directly to the properties of our customers.

Looking forward to serving you.

Dany Forand, president of Encansforand.