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Estate or on site auction


For over 25 years, we have achieved several hundred of onsite sales for our customers. We have made these mandates of liquidations for estates, moving or other. People who have broken house to borrow a popular expression in the auction language.

If you plan to do an auction, I invite you to read all the details in this section because it is undoubtedly a very long section with a lot of text, but, you will miss very important details otherwise.

Beyond the liquidation of assets for which services we have been retained, we accompanied and advised judiciously each of the families with whom we have worked. Over the years we stand as auctioneers firms, .we have developed a great expertise. You should know that specifically in the case of liquidation of an estate, several legal aspects must be taken into consideration. Act as executor has several responsibilities that can be challenged in court if the liquidator has withdrawn from some of them. The legal heirs could end up financially responsible in the event that certain provisions or obligations have not been met.

With over 25 years of experience, thousands of sales made, sales made directly to the homes of our customers and our consignment sales. After serving as assistant auctioneer for more than five years and as agent under contract from 2008 to 2011 to direct sales through auctions for Revenu Québec main direction of unclaimed property, we are confident to be able to answer all your questions and guide you wisely in the process of liquidation of your assets and family heritage.

The biggest question that people always ask and absolutely want to know the answer is: How much do you charge to do an auction? Considering that several factors can directly influence the amount of our fees, you need to know that any auctioneer who can give you a price, without first answered some questions you will find at the end of this section, will never do ANY mandate for our company. I would even say that this auctioneer is much more concerned about getting your contract and $$$ attached to it much more than your protection and satisfaction. Unfortunately our profession is deregulated from many years and all can improvise auctioneer. Moreover many auctioneers with years of experience simply have not followed the changes to various regulations and / or trends in advertising for example. So before to mandate any auctioneer to liquidate your main asset, all goods acquired during a lifetime, make sure that it will meet all your concerns before making your mandate but also to have the expertise and resources in the event of future challenges.

As we carry out mandates each year, we can tell you what has become normality for us in terms of service offering.

1-  The evaluation visit is no cost or obligation on your part. It allows us to assess your needs and to ensure that all essential criteria to successfully complete a sale by auction, at home, are in place and that we are able to meet your goals.

2- Our advertising included with all our contracts:

- Send an email to all clients registered on our website (6185 people have registered to 1 February 2015).
- Publicizing your event with very large amount of photos on our website.
- A portable sign placed in front of your property at least one week before the event.
- Event Publication in the local newspaper where your auction is held.
- Publicizing with very large amount of photos on our corporate Facebook page:, a frequently consulted page by our members and generously shared.
- Use of classified ad sites such as: The Pacs, Kijiji ... All these announcements refer customers to our website containing all the details of your auction.

3- A tent,shelter (marquee) at the appropriate size for your property is installed, rain or shine for the convenience of our customers and to ensure your peace because the weather is still not an exact science. Note that for your protection in case of accident and avoid you from legal action, we entrust the installation of our shelters to specialized firms, licensed from La Régie du Bâtiment du Québec, a requirement to proceed with the marquee installation. According to our information, although several auctioneers install their own tent, no auctioneer in Quebec has accreditation to perform this task.

4-  A computerized billing system, in which we record all buyers and their personnal informations validated using an ID. This ensures that no one will leave the premises without paying his bill otherwise it will be very easy to reach. Moreover, as our sales reports are computerized, it minimizes the risk of error and allows us to tell you at any time the result of sales recorded, which helps you to make some decisions in the present. This approach greatly accelerates the process of purchasing and regulations of your sales at the end of the auction. Finally, for your safety and to ensure the integrity of our data, our sales are made under video surveillance; it allows us to validate the recorded information and to ensure the integrity of our data. Also if a dispute of any kind had to occur, our computer data is retained for a period of 10 years.

5- Two secretaries whom register all customers, answer their questions, accept absentee bids from clients who cannot attend, receive phone bids of our clients, manually register the information on the minutes of the auction, record sales in our computer system, bill and receive payment from customers, preparing the sales report in order to ensure the settlement of net sales and a report unsold items, if any. Note that we accept payment from our customers in cash, Interac, Visa or Mastercard. At the end of the sale, we will give you all the sales reports and a check drawn on the Friday following the event.

6- The provision of goods and preparing them for the purposes of selling is generally not included in our fees. By cons you can contact us at any time for no additional cost advice. Note that at the time of signature of your service contract, we will direct you properly to successfully carry forward your auction draft. If you wish to retain our services for the complete preparation of your assets, we will be pleased to offer you a quote with a very competitive rate and quality of highly professional service.

7. Two of our employees are assigned for the presentation of your property upon sale. These qualified persons, knowing the goods, our sales processes as well as our regular customers, will be an accomplice to the auctioneer to increase interest in your property and maximize their values. We require from you to provide us the peoples who come out of the goods from the house and accessory buildings to bring them to our staff at the point of sale. If you do not have people around you to accomplish these tasks, we can provide additional staff required at reasonable costs.

8. For the convenience of our customers, our employees and the people who support you during this auction day, we bring with us a mobile canteen, unit can serve hot meals, snacks, hot drinks and refreshments all necessary to spend a pleasant day and leave customers concentrate their mind to the sale and to make sensible purchases.

9. Although people usually use sanitary facilities of the property, he arrived in some cases as portable facilities are required. For a reasonable cost, we can offer you the sanitary hire full service delivery, collection and disposal of waste.

10. Finally an auction without our experience auctioneer, Mr. Dany Forand, would not be an auction as you would hope. With an experience of over 25 years during which he led more than a thousand sales which more than a hundred auction at homes of our customers. Who served for more than five years as assistant auctioneer and agent under contract from 2008 to 2011,to direct sales by auction for Revenu Québec management of unclaimed property. Who runs for 6 years now, sales by classic car auction in the Granby International.  Mr. Forand organized and led several sales of commercial and industrial assets and directs alone since 2009, sales of hundreds of vehicles every two weeks for Berpa auto auction.. Today more than 25 year career, Mr. Forand, is proud to say he has sold a lot more than one million items representing sales of more than $ 33 million for its clients.
 All the people who know Dany Forand recognize him three qualities:
- Direct sales firm ways clear and precise leaving no room for ambiguity.
- The high level of integrity and transparency. He works in compliance with the laws and regulations and wisely advises these clients in this direction.
- And his greatest quality, no doubt, his great sense of humor. We often compare him to Laurent Paquin, his voice to Mario Jean and his ability to tell stories, or event at PA Méthot or Martin Matte, so expect to have fun if you attend one of these auctions. And always be ready because it is a high-level improviser.

This is the outline of the services we offer in our general terms but you should know that there are virtually no limits to what we can offer such services. Our goal is to offer you the best service offering at the best rates. While we still prefer to auction directly at our customer’s property, you must know that for many factors it may not be the most profitable for you in certain situations, so if you plan to liquidate assets and consider to do an auction, please contact us immediately and confidently. The evaluation meeting is free and without commitment. Note that we offer our services throughout Quebec.

Finally, please note that we never buy an asset that we have been called to evaluate. This company policy leads us away from any conflict of interest and protects our customers. All the people who have never experienced a problem really cannot know, but all clients for which we have been known to produce an expert report, and even a testimony to the Court will tell you: it's the best thing that their arrived. Sale by public auction to your home or at one of our consignment auction is the most transparent process that is recognized.
Hope to meet you.

Some pertinent questions that an auctioneer should meet at your satisfaction before you accept his contract as liquidator of your assets:
- Do the auctioneer and his company are registered with the Registrar of companies in Quebec?
- Do the auctioneer is required to be registered with Revenu Québec as agent GST and PST collector?
- Almost all auctioneers have a website but very few have the ability to have registered members and join them by email. How many customers the auctioneer can join by email?
- Does his system management and billing is it up to date and he inspires confidence. Does It sales report can act as legal inventory as required by law in the case of an estate? Does its operation procedures are safe and ensures that no malicious client will leave without pay for purchases? Can he easily trace a billing error that would deprive you of income? Can you as a customer, validate the informations provided to you by the auctioneer at the time of the settlement?
- Does the auctioneer have all the necessary expertise to advise you wisely and support you in the event of litigation?
- Does the auctioneer have the expertise needed to properly assess the property offered for sale? Some goods require us to focus on it specifically because their values are highly variable and can affect seriously the result of your sale. Antiques are very popular but require in some occasions to open the market as widely as some goods are sought that specific regions. Works of art especially paintings and sculptures may have to be the subject of further research. Gold and precious metals should be minimally appraised. The auctioneer should be able to check the purity of gold using test stone and acids and certify batches purity and weight. The tools and vehicles often need to be checked with a discerning eye.
- Does the auctioneer offer a marquee? Who install? If this is the auctioneer’s asset, does he have its license from the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec? Note: If an accident occurs, and the shelter has not be installed by an licensed firm, your insurance may not want to accept the claim, even worse, you could be subject to prosecution. Does the marquee and its materials met flammability standards? The fire department of your municipality may not accept the use of the marquee for your sale.
- Does the auctioneer offer you to buy your assets? How will you justify the accepted value and transparency of the transaction in case of dispute? The priority is to make sure you get the most for your assets. A person who will offer to buy your goods will inevitably deduct all expenses related for the packaging and the transport of these and more, he will add a markup too often exaggerated, often they will abuse and try to take benefit of your inexperience or your ignorance to under evaluate some goods from their fair value in addition to leaving you with goods not matter where you have to rely fee arrangements.
- Does the auctioneer can offer to upgrade certain assets that low cost can be justified with a selling price much higher?
- What advertising media will be preferred and at what cost? Will you receive accessories or additional fees at the end of the auction?  Verbal agreement or written contract?   Although the verbal agreement can be valid.  Note that in case of dispute, you have the responsibility to prove your claims, a written contract can be helpful for you..
- Should the sale by auction may not be the most advantageous solution or for some reason, it is not desirable, does the auctioneer can offer you fair and transparency alternative solutions?
Never forget, in business as in love, we have to protect ourselves. It's your family heritage. A professional auctioneer will treat you as it should. He will listen to you, will answer your questions. He will respect your choices and decisions as its mandate will ultimately liquidate in one day all the assets you have acquired over a lifetime away the importance of your mandate entrusted to a person worthy of your trust.
Good thinking.
To contact us, you will find our contact details via the tab: Contact.