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Professionnal assessment


Whether need an assessment of a single property or a complete asset, we are able to offer you an unparalleled quality service. You will see in this section the relevance of obtaining a fair and timely evaluation of your property according to certain situations. We will point out that for the same good; some very different values can be attributed to that property, is this normal? Of course we will share our expertise and let your judgment to determine whether we are able to meet your expectations and although this may vary due to many factors but, we will give you an idea of our general fees.

Whether to establish the actual value of your personal property or your family assets in divorce cases, where emotions, too often, lose our rationality, to determine the appropriateness of accepting or refusing a succession because it is easy to determine the liability of a file but what about the assets? Determine the value of one or many specific goods, antiques, works of art, jewelry, tools and machineries vehicles to name few of them, to get fair value for purposes of insurance coverage. For a protest at a compensation offered by an insurer that unfortunately too often works with comparative who are in their favor, an asset assessment to get funding or any other situation that warrants to know the fair value of its assets.

In recent years, many people improvise themselves as evaluator in reliance on information and comparable they find on the Internet. Internet sales sites unfortunately are not reliable sources of determination of value, because too many factors can be manipulated by the sellers. The many television shows that show us some goods that are assigned incredible values excluding restoration that their budgets attribute, the stuff of dreams, unfortunately if the TV is synonymous with dream, we are talking about establishing fair value of your property. But despite all this, it is possible to assign several very different prices for the same object, without being in the field.

So, how to explain it and how to find it. First you have to know that in addition to various assessment parameters that will be described below, must also take into account a variety of factors such as: conservation status, trends, supply and demand, the amount of the same or similar product available on the market...

But beyond all this, it is necessary to determine what exact purpose we determine a value. So for the same property or assets, we look at some scale used for evaluation purposes and gives us values between 150% and as low as 10%, all this, always for the same property or assets.

The first value and often the higher is the value used for the refurbishment or in some cases the replacement of the property is unthinkable. This is often a perceived value to insurers. Disaster that causes a total loss of property, the insurer to replace with new goods is facing several problems that must be addressed. Some products are not available and cannot be replaced, for example we have to replace VHS player with a Blue Ray player and it is the same for hundreds of VHS tapes! Others who have followed the current technology are hardly comparable with the availability of today. The high fidelity stereo of the 90 leaves little choice new replacement because the majority of today's sound systems are compact chains so scarce HiFi systems today are much less accessible now than 90’s because of their price. How to replace an original painting of a famous painter or a real antique? It is because of these few factors that insurers must deal when it comes time to evaluate your property and that gives us a value that may seem exaggerated, beyond the assets themselves they evaluate their risks and unfortunately pass them on  the bill at the time of issue your insurance premium. Look at the value of your personal property in your policy and try to sell everything at that price? At the very end impossible, but in case of total loss, sometimes it will cost much more than what you have as evaluation or coverage for any replacement.

The current value is a value that often determines the replacement of property without having to replace it. Consider a company that determines the value of its assets for accounting and financing purposes. This company has acquired a new machine to which it assigns some depreciation. As against it should also consider that if the machine had to undergo a major breakdown, is that the replacement parts are still available? While the machine is in operation, replacing it with an equivalent used machine could influence the current value. The machine is not for sale and not having to be replaced in the immediate future is credited against the costs of maintenance and service contracts. A second less value than the replacement value in case of disaster, but that will be difficult to reach if we put this equipment on the market for sale.

In the majority of cases where our services are required, such as during a divorce or both parties do not agree on the value of goods, we try to determine the fair market value of the property. Although this value is more realistic in my humble opinion, the pill is often difficult to swallow for people who are emotionally involved which takes us away from rationality. In fact the fair market value is a concept that courts have established and now recognize as follows:

What is the fair market value?

The case law is clear that the determination of the fair market value is a question of fact. Often cited the following definition, which was upheld by various courts:
"The fair market value is the highest price, expressed in dollars, which can be obtained on the open market which is not subject to any restriction, where the parties to the transaction are well informed, they act with caution they are at arm's length and that neither one nor the other is forced in any way to close the transaction. »

In summary we could say that the value of your possessions, their fair market value is the amount that you could reasonably ascertainable by submitting them to current market taking into account the conservation status, trends, supply and demand, the amount of the same or similar product available on the market ... and for which a buyer emotionally uninvolved, without feelings or bias would be prepared to acquire it to your mutual satisfaction.

So I bring to your attention that the sentimental value does not exist and will never exist for anyone other than yourself, be careful not to be caught in this vicious circle.

The final value, and one with which I hope you never have to request to liquidate your assets, is the liquidation value. Who has not heard the expression 25 or even 10 cents on the buck? This value is often the value obtained for an object where we do not have the choice to sell in a market that takes into account any other factor that ASSESS well as quickly as possible to anyone who is willing to acquire. This is often the price obtained when liquid assets following bankruptcy. According to the demand of the moment, it is not unusual to acquire property for as little as 10% of their real value. But unfortunately in these cases, it is not the percent recovery that counts but LIQUIDATION goods often in a very tight deadline and goods that are sold without historical or legal warranty.

Then it is easy to understand that for a single item or a complete asset, all the criteria mentioned above can be used to determine a number of very different values without distorting reality. It's all a matter of context.

To get an idea of my experiences in the world of sales by auction, liquidations and unpretentious make me a good person notified of the current market, past and future trends, I invite you to visit our page: HISTORY. You will see how I acquired this expertise that I propose to retain if you need to evaluate a single property or a complete asset, regardless of its nature.

While this may differ due to many factors, here are our general fees to make a formal assessment of your property with written report, photos and / or videos. We invite you to contact us for any specific needs for which our general rates could be a special arrangement.

- Travel expenses applicable to / from: $ 60.00* and 0.55$ per kilometer thereafter. (60 km including from our offices in St-Paul-d'Abbotsford)

- Stocktaking, gathering information, taking photos and any other task required to the physical location of the assets to assess: $ 55.00 / hour (1 hour minimum)

- Research work, clerical work, report writing, file photos and videos: $ 25.00 / hour (1 hour minimum).

- For work requiring a stay on the outside, the cost of accommodation and meals will be the responsibility of the work provider.

- Applicable taxes are extra.

Another important fact. For reasons of ethics, transparency and to ensure that in no case we can be in a situation of conflict of interest and thus be able to represent you if necessary, be advised that we buy for no consideration, assets for which our assessment services have been retained. The only alternative we can offer  you, is our auctioneer / liquidator services to manage the liquidation of your assets by auction to the physical location of the liquidation or incorporate your assets in one of our consignment auctions. It is also possible to proceed by electronic auctions or to conduct a public tender.

No matter why you need to get a professional assessment reflecting the current reality of the value of your property or assets, feel free to contact us with confidence. Our contact information via the tab: CONTACT US.