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Personnal property inventory


One of the worst tragedies in life is to lose all his possessions in a fire! Do you agree with this statement? First, let's get one thing clear; we do not want anyone to experience this event. But as we are not immune, why not consider the situation and prepare appropriately.

I have personally known people who have experienced the loss of all their possessions in a fire and beyond the huge shock that it causes, all the people are unanimous. Yes, it’s difficult to loss or personal memories, photographs, diplomas ... But now, we can easily save them with accessible technology which allows us to digitize everything and even storing on external storage sites.

But the real nightmare begins when insurance companies require you to provide a list of their assets to replace. Try to do the following exercise:

- Try to list from memory all goods that are in the smallest room in your home, make a list on a piece of paper and when you are sure you did not forget anything, go physically compare your list with this that is in this room. Did you forget a few small items? Just for fun, do a quick calculation of what you would have lost monetarily forgetting to claim these items and realize a few weeks or months after your claim?

Okay, I caught you by surprise. Repeat the same exercise, list of memory and register on a sheet of paper, goods that are in cabinets, bottom only of your kitchen and excluding the contents of the drawers. Only what is in the doors of your lower kitchen cabinets. Go physically compare your list with what's in your cupboards. Did you forget a few small items? For an amount of?

Take a few minutes to call your insurance company and ask them how is the procedure for settlement of a claim?

- What kind of list should I provide?
- Do I have the opportunity to make subsequent claims to alleviate the forgetfulness?
- How many subsequent claims can I do?
- Is there a time limit to share my forgetfulness and claim these?
- Do they conduct some point a FINAL settlement in my file?
- If my insurer makes a final settlement at some point and I discovered later that I forgot to claim property, what happens?
- Why not take the opportunity to make sure that you really cover what you really want and really need?
- And for that matter, ask him to clearly explain the exclusions to your contract?
- And a last one! Do you really have the best rate for your premium because it could be that your brother has recently obtained a significant premium reduction by transferring his contract with a competitor to your insurer?

Now, let’s be a little more positive. It could be that you do not lose all your possessions in a fire. But you could lose a few in a flood and although it is believed to be able to inventory everything after the waters receded, this is not always the case. You may be a victim of theft. What is in your shed at this moment?

The first advice I would give you is to consider making your inventory of personal property. A family activity more enjoyable rainy days or when it's unfortunately too cold to play outside. Take photos, videos, make a detailed list that you keep up to date thereafter, and made research of comparable items to know the value. You will find a very well designed form for this purpose on the website of Bureau of Insurance of Canada accessible via this link. This will allow you to find that you may have too much or not enough insurance coverage. Subsequently, reconcile all this information and store it outside of your home, in a safe place. And why not doing once but twice? Then I say CONGRATULATIONS to you, you are part of a tiny minority of people we class in the sighted, talk with your near and you'll be surprised! I invite you to view statistics on fires and find many tips on fire prevention on Sécurité publique du Québec website..

But if this task seems too daunting, or you do not have all the technological tools available, if you believe that this task is too big for you, you do not have the time or energy to get there, the good news is that we offer this service at affordable costs.

Because each homes are different and their contents, it is impossible to offer a single tariff for this service. By cons, with experience, we realized that this task was for all practical purposes impossible to achieve in one day, so we determined a reasonable pricing that we believe accessible for everyone.

While this may differ due to many factors, here are our general tariffs to proceed has an inventory of your personal property with written report with photos and / or videos. You will also have the full replacement value of your property and the current fair market value of them. For more details about these notions of value, we refer to our professional assessment section. We invite you to contact us for any specific needs for which our general rates could be a special arrangement.

- Stocktaking, gathering information, taking photos and any other tasks required in the physical location of the asset to be sampled: $ 399.00 the first working day (1 day minimum) Note 1
- $ 299.00 per subsequent day inventory, gathering information, taking photos and any other task required the physical location of the asset inventory (A portion day will be charged as a full day) Note 1
- Research work, clerical work, report writing, file photos and videos: $ 25.00 / hour excess.Note 2
- For work requiring a stay on the outside, the cost of accommodation and meals will be the responsibility of the work provider.
- Applicable taxes are extra.

  Note 1: A working day is defined as out of our offices at 8:00 and leave the physical location of the property to be inventoried at 16:00. One hour for our inventory clerk’s lunch. The return at our offices does not exceed 17.00. In this case, the hourly  clerical work pricing will applied.

Note 2: The daily fee includes three hours of clerical work in drafting inventory reports and evaluations. Any extra work needs will be charged according to our clerical work rate.

 Finally, note that anyone we retain to perform an inventory job to your home will have a negative research certificate of legal history issued by the Sûreté du Québec.

 If you wish to retain our services to perform an inventory of your personal property or for more information about our services, please feel free to contact us with confidence. You will find our contact information via the tab:CONTACT.